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Epicom USA Team Introduction


Design Experience of Epicom USA Team :


Epicom’s technical group has more than 100 man-years of combined experience in microwave IC (MMIC), radio-frequency IC (RFIC) and sub-system design, development, manufacturing, and applications. We have expertise in all of the areas relevant to wireless design from device modeling to system design.  Our work covers the commercial, industrial, and defense fields, with radio frequency experience ranging from a few megahertz, to UHF, to 40GHz.  Their experience covers a very broad range:


(1)   MMIC design (SiGe, GaAs and InP)

(2)   RF device modeling (FET, HEMT, BJT, HBT, diodes)

(3)   Semiconductor fabrication (GaAs, InP, devices, MMIC, OEIC)

(4)   RF wafer, device and IC testing up to 50GHz

(5)   RF module and RF system design


The MMICs and Products developed include:


(1)   SiGe MMIC power amplifier (900MHz to 1.9GHz)

(2)   Phase locked loop MMIC at 2.4GHz

(3)   Si BJT Transceiver chip (300MHz to 400MHz)

(4)   Wireless Transceiver Radio at 5.8GHz.

(5)   Ku/Ka band transceiver with 1W and 2W output power for two-way internet access.

(6)   L-band QPSK subsystem (IQ modulator, Synthesizers, VCO) in conjunction with Ku-band transceiver.

(7)   Miniature 17/12 GHz MMIC receiver using GaAs FET for Satellite communication.

(8)   20GHz high efficiency power amplifier MMIC and module using GaAs PHEMT for Transmit phased array application.

(9)   Broadband Ka-band Linearizer to improve efficiency of SSPA or TWTA for satellite communication.