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Epicom Launches Three Miniature High-Linearity WiMAX Power Amplifiers with Exceptional Price-Performance Ratio
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Epicom Launches Three Miniature High-Linearity WiMAX Power Amplifiers with Exceptional Price-Performance Ratio

-- Ideal for the manufacturers making fixed and mobile WiMAX devices

HSINCHU, Taiwan, September 09, 2009, Epic Communications, Inc. announces that it has released three latest WiMAX Power Amplifier products supporting both IEEE 802.16d-2004 fixed and 802.16e-2005 Wave 2 mobile WiMAX standards for emerging WiMAX mobile and fixed applications. These three PAs are with features of high-linearity, miniature packages, and fully-matched performance with minimum external components.

Each of these three PA delivers high-linearity high-efficiency output power across a broad frequency bandwidth, which allows designers to use a single PA to cover the entire band of specific WiMAX application. Previously, multiple narrow band PA parts with associated matching and biasing components were required to achieve similar performance. These three PA parts cover frequency ranges of 2.3 to 2.7GHz (PA2501B), 3.4 to 3.8GHz (PA3501B) and 4.9 to 5.9GHz (PA5306B), respectively. These frequency bands are broadly adopted by most worldwide WiMAX broadband service providers at present.

High performance PA is one of the most critical components of RF front-end circuits for WiMAX devices. Epicom’s WiMAX PA parts integrate GaAs Power Amplifier Circuit, Power Detector, Bias Control Circuit, Temperature Compensation Control Circuit and Step Attenuator. Basically, WiMAX Baseband chip generates OFDMA signal which is converted into RF signal in the transceiver, and then further amplified by WiMAX PA to be transmitted via the antenna to nearby WiMAX AP or base station. These three PA parts feature excellent performance under broad bias voltage and temperature range. Furthermore, the integrated 25 dB Step attenuator offers both high-gain and low-gain modes to improve power-saving performance. The external components for bias and matching circuits are also greatly simplified to cut down RBOM cost and shrink the required PC board area and size.

WiMAX device manufacturers will be able to employ these Epicom’s WiMAX PA parts  easily in their diverse WiMAX-related designs and applications such as WiMAX CPE, embedded WiMAX Network Interface Cards (NICs), WiMAX USB dongles, WiMAX-enabled smartphones, Netbook (MID), and even Electronic Books to enable the WiMax connectivity and enhance their product performance and cost-effectiveness.

Epicom’s WiMAX PA “PA2501B” covers frequency range of 2.3GHz~2.7GHz, including two major bands of 2.3~2.4GHz and 2.5~2.7GHz. PA2501B delivers superior Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) performance of 3% at +25dBm output power level under WiMAX test signal with a collector current of less than 450mA while operating at 3.3V. At the same time, it passes the WiMAX forum 802.16 mask (WMF Mask) requirement at over 25dBm of power output. When operating at 4.2V, it can achieve an EVM performance of 3% at +26dBm output power level with 550mA of collector current. It provides high gain of greater than 30 dB across the two major bands, and features +33dBm of saturated output power. PA2501B is sold in a RoHS compliant miniature 2.85mmx3.6mmx 0.5mm 12-pin QFN package.

Epicom’s WiMAX PA “PA3501B” covers the frequency range of 3.4GHz~3.8GHz. Under WiMAX test signal, PA3501B provides EVM performance of less than 4% at +24dBm output power level with 400mA of collector current when operating at 3.3V, and passes WMF Mask requirement at over +24dBm of output power. While operating at 4.2V, it can deliver EVM performance of 4% at +26dBm output power level with 550mA of collector current, and passes WMF Mask at over +25dBm power. It provides high gain of greater than 30 dB across the whole 3.4GHz~3.8GH band, and features +32dBm of saturated output power. PA3501B is also sold in a RoHS compliant miniature 2.85mmx3.6mmx0.5mm 12-pin QFN package.

Epicom’s WiMAX PA “PA5306B” covers the frequency range of 4.9GHz~5.9GHz. It could also be used for 802.11a/n high-band applications and 5.8GHz cordless phone market while operating at 3.3V with an output power of +18dBm at 3% EVM. For WiMAX applications, it delivers +20dBm of linear output power under WiMAX test signal while operating at 4.2V, which meets the performance requirements of most WiMAX applications working in this particular frequency band. PA5306B is sold in a RoHS compliant miniature 3mmx3mmx0.8mm QFN package.

Price and availability

As a result of Epicom’s unique and exceptional design features of high-linearity, small die size, and internally matched configuration with minimum external components, these three PA parts are offered at very competitive prices which are intrinsically 20%~30% lower than competitors’ cost structure. PA2501B, PA3501B, and PA5306B samples with EV boards are readily available for immediate delivery per customer request. Epicom provides full application design support including reference circuit and on-site performance tuning for prospective customers of CM, OEM, ODM, and also major WiMAX chipset vendors.

About Epic Communications, Inc. (Epicom):

Epicom is a leading fabless designer and provider of excellent power amplifiers and highly-integrated RF front-end modules for Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 3G cellular appications. Epicoms experienced design teams located in Taiwan and Sunnyvale provide the most integrated and cost-effective RF front-end solutions for its customers end-product development and time-to-market need.

Additional information on specifications and how to incorporate Epicom’s WiMAX PA parts into new WiMAX devices can be found at the company’s website or contact Epicom sales at directly.

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